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About Us

About NurseryBloom

NURSERYBLOOM, started in 2011, is a one stop online platform for catering all your needs for making this world greener and prettier then you found it. Plants bring natural beauty to our surroundings.

Who We Are

We are garden gnomes. Really!! We grow things, from dirt. We don’t just sell plants, we make your gardens thrive and solve all your gardening issues, magically. We are a young company of passionate individuals driven to leave this world better and greener than we found it.

What We Do

We create green spaces, both indoors and outdoors. We are here to make the concrete jungle, we call home, a greener and more sustainable space through customized gardening solutions. Through our Own Grown Farms initiative we convert open urban spaces into food gardens to lower food miles and promote community gardening values. In the last five years we have worked towards neutralizing over 400 tonnes of carbon.

How We Do It

We are driven by our passion to promote sustainability as a feasible way of life. Siddhant, given his background, is very aware of the possibilities in the field of indoor gardening and urban farming and the everlasting positive impact it brings to our lives. We are devoted to cultivating a community of gardeners who are as passionate about gardening as we are and hand holding those who are not yet fully convinced, to dive deep into the green world with us.

Here's How It Works

Pick your plant

Choose a pot color

Have it shipped

Watch it grow

Our Mission

We have big dreams – for everyone. Fully sustainable food farms on every inch of empty unused urban real estate, pan India dispatch centres and nurseries that deliver plants to every home in every pin code, and a family of customers who are more family than customer. We aim to make growing our own food a norm to reduce the carbon footprint we generate and in the process neutralize environmental carbon percentage further.

The People Behind The Plants

We have our head office in Pune and nurseries, with dispatch centers in Pune and BANGALORE. Our team has horti-cultural experts, logistical masterminds, design superstars, management superheroes, and the best worker bees who ensure that everything moves ahead at the right pace.